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Pets Habitat<br><br> Only healthy & social, home bred & raised puppies & kittens with detailed veterinary certification. Professional master groomers with years of experience. Range of pet accessories. COMPANY’S BRIEF PROFILE Pets Habitat was started in 2004 in Ajman as a small trading company solely to import pet food and products. Our first retail store opened in Barsha in 2007. We opened a second store in Motor City in 2011, however we had to let it go due to increasing business costs. Ultimately, I came to conclusion that it’s for the benefit of our animals as well as our customers to maintain and concentrate on one store only for the time being. WHAT QUALIFIES US TO DISCUSS PETS: HERE IS A BRIEF I have rescued and owned pets since settling in UAE in 1995. My life used to revolve around them, and it still does, perhaps not in the same way, but nonetheless. I have rescued hundreds of cats, a few dogs, birds and many exotics, including severely dehydrated, injured, refusing to eat reptiles. I used to struggle with food, litter, specialized equipment costs and mostly vet bills just like many of you. The time, finance, knowledge and patience required to nurse living beings to health and the emotional anguish of losing some of them to inevitable “out of our hands” elements, these are all very familiar to me, personally, the whole life cycle of joy, effort, attachment, discipline, costs and the ultimate grief of eventually losing that intangible bond… I, as owner, aim to manage my store’s activities daily. Our emphasis has always been and remains on the health and wellbeing of our animals, even if at a cost of few disappointed customers who occasionally refuse to understand that some dog breeds do not do well in apartments, for example, or that cats would be happier left to themselves for 6 hours daily than dogs, or that many large dog breeds are simply not meant for lifestyle and climatic conditions of this part of the globe. Sounds simple and straight forward, right? But wait until you are standing in front of me at my store, debating and arguing how and why Husky, originally bred to be sled dog, would thrive in your apartment in Dubai while you are busy at the office from 9 to 5, or Beagle puppy, paired up with Jack Russell, would make one happy family in your studio flat.