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38smiles<br /><br /> In a nut shell 38smiles started 2 years ago as a way for me to express my personal quest in saving the stray animals of Dubai. Since then 38smiles has grown into a group of likeminded people determined to help as many stray animal as we can to become beloved pets. We do however still believe in keeping things ‘’small’’ and personal for us its not about the volume of animals we rescue but about the quality of care we provide for them. 38smiles only works with STRAY animals (we don’t rehome people’s pets); 38smiles has no kill policy. No cost is too high for us when it comes to giving an animal a second chance. 38smiles is a non profit animal rescue group we cover our costs with donations from the public; we take part in Safa park flea market; we have book sales together with Greenheart Organic Farms; we charge adoption fees when animal is rehomed; we have charity bake sales thanks to No milk for me.